Paying the Troll Toll


3 Tips for Making the Gym a Habit!

Some people love working out and going to the gym is something they look forward to. Bully for them! Myself? I hate sweating and anything that is even mildly uncomfortable.

 If you’re like me, working out is a toll you have to pay to the troll that lives in your stomach demanding doughnuts and margaritas all the time.  So, in attempts to attack that troll, here are some tips for making the gym a habit. Once just showing up is routine and not akin to a trip to the DMV you are fast tracked to hitting goals!

 1.     Know thyself! Set goals the troll can’t destroy, because they are too easy. 

Maybe you will be a person who ultimately goes to the gym 3-4 times a week, but good habits can start slow. Set goals you know you’ll make. Shoot low and you’ll reach high. 1stweek? One class! If you make it to two classes? Amazing! But one was your goal! Look, we are already killing this. 

 2.     Make friends! Trap them in your goals with accountability. My favorite way to motivate myself is to text friends and coordinate hitting up the same class. A great part of Vitality is that is doesn’t HAVE to be other members, anyone can try 3 free classes. So if you have a random bud that isn’t a member you can drag them into that accountability process too. 

3.     Track your progress! IMO nothing is more encouraging than personal pride. Take before and after photos! Get an InBody scan and then get another one after some time of hard work! Use your heart rate monitor to set and track goals!  

 Ultimately, the troll that lives in our bodies asking us to party, eat and lay around will never go away completely. And you know what? That’s ok. Life is short and food is tasty. Making the gym a habit isn’t easy, but its possible, and you can do it. If you have to live with a troll at least give it a six pack.

Mary Jacobs