3 Investments to Make Your Gym Experience Better

Those who know me know I tend to live my life pretty frugally. I’m a huge supporter of secondhand and using things until they fall apart in my hands. I’m definitely not one to send members out and buy a bunch of crap before even showing up at the gym. That being said, after some time being here I’ve come to accept there are some investments that pay off in the gym and over your time in a program like ours may be worth grabbing!

Training Shoes. 

Training shoes are always up for debate in our gym because Kristin and I happen to stand by one very expensive brand-that-shall-not-be-named. Brand-that-shall-not-be-named has a price point upwards of $150+. Trust me, I get that initial sticker-shock as well. Luckily, a decent pair training shoes can be found at just about any price point, so no worries if the brand-that-shall-not-be-named is inaccessible.

But why is it important to ditch the sneakers/running shoe in favor of a training shoe?

VBK - 7.20.19 -18.jpg

Training shoes are designed for an array of movements, such as: agility training, weight lifting, high intensity workouts,  strength training and running short distances! Running shoes are designed for running. Suffice to say, as a gym that focuses heavily on the first 4 things I mentioned, training shoes are the obvious way to go. 

Additionally running shoes’ added cushioning poses a higher risk of injury to the athlete for lifting and agility work specifically. Please, no sprained ankles. Thank you. 

If you find yourself sitting on some coin or maybe you’re still on the good list, consider investing in a solid pair of training shoes asap! 

A Jump Rope to Call Your Own.

Admittedly, this is my next investment! 

A few VBK members have always had their own jump ropes and I never really thought about it until we sat down to organize the ropes we have as a gym. As many times as we’ve tried putting a jump rope organization system into place is as many times as it has fallen apart. Inevitably they get tangled, misplaced or put back in the wrong spots. 

Jump ropes are personal, which is why having your own feels like the right way to go. They go by height, and while we group the ones in our gym loosely based on this there is nothing like being able to know immediately the rope your using is the right size without constantly having to measure test rope after rope. 

The weight of the rope is also entirely up to personal preference. Some folks love a thin speed rope vs. others who prefer a thicker style. It also depends heavily on skill, a person who is working on their skills may prefer working with a thicker rope.

You can get a decent rope from anywhere from $15-45 bucks, and considering the time it will save me finding a rope I can’t blame for making me bad at double unders I think it’s a worthwhile investment. 

Clothes you can move in. 

Thanks to the internet popularizing looking really sexy at the gym there is a HUGE surplus of fitness clothing brands to choose from. You can get some really stylish and comfortable stuff! 

I am an advocate of comfort and ease first and foremost in the gym. For example, if the really cute short shorts give you a wedgie every single burpee and you find yourself pulling them down in between every set I challenge you to find something more efficient. Same goes with bras, or leggings. It is so easy to get sucked into cute AF not practical workout clothes. 

This photo is relevant because we are wearing clothes, right?

This photo is relevant because we are wearing clothes, right?

I’ve learned to avoid anything that says it’s designed for “low impact” or “yoga” as these are just glorified pajamas.  I have a solid 3 bras I love & and few pairs of workout pants I wear in heavy rotation. When you find clothing you can move confidently and comfortably in the gym in changes your mentality and allows you to focus on what you show up for more effectively!

So there it is!

Surely there are a million odds and ends that make your gym experience more streamlined. Runner ups were a heart rate monitor, good pre-workout and a solid recovery drink or protein powder.

Go forth & make investments you deem worthwhile!

Mary Jacobs