Emery Fox


In Emery’s Words…

I joined Vitality because my partner is member and she introduced me. I had just moved back to New Orleans and I was looking for a gym that did small group classes. I went to my first Saturday class and immediately fell in love with everything that is Vitality- along with being sore for the next 3 days straight. At that time I knew that this was going to be the place for me.

Having previous experience with weights and small group training classes, it all came very natural to me. But obviously, Vitality has a method all on its own. In the beginning, I was just getting back to a gym so I was very sore and out of shape. Vitality not only kicked my ass back in shape it also introduced me to some amazing people. It’s much more than just a work out class for me, it’s a comfortable place where I get to burn some calories along with hanging out with some of my favorite people.


. I genuinely look forward to coming to the gym.

The first goal I hit was actually getting back into a gym. I was doing some running on my own, but it was nowhere near consistent as I should have been. I genuinely look forward to coming to the gym. I hope to continue my consistency and continue on my journey to be a healthier version of me.

Not only is Vitality an awesome place to get your workout on that’s going to kick your ass from time to time, it’s also a place to hang out with some badass people. It not only helps my body out physically but being there makes me feel better emotionally. Along with getting a good workout in, I’m able to get in some good friend-time that’s able to ease my mind at the end of the day. It’s truly the best of both worlds and I don’t know what I would do without it!

In Coach Kristin’s words…

Emery has been with Vitality since July 2018 and quickly became one of our most consistent and strongest members. Literally, Emery once BENT a metal clip with her hand strength alone.  Emery always walks in our gym with a great attitude and a smile on her face. She cheers on her fellow members up until the end of the workout. She is not afraid to ask for help and it makes coaching her is easy. Watching her progress is so much fun because she’s always over here out-lifting everyone. Lately I’ve been trying to convince her to compete because I truly believe she is one of the top athletes I’ve ever had the privilege of coaching (If you see her, tell her to DO IT!) It's always fun watching her crush PR's and even top most of the men in our class with her numbers. Basically, she is a killer athlete and strong AF! We love you Emery and we are so happy you found a home in Vitality.

Mary Jacobsfitness