May Dedicated Member



In her words…

I came into Vitality by Kristin one Saturday morning after my friends invited me to the free community workout. During that workout Kristin was there to help me on my form but also other members also gave me the helping hand. That gave me a sense of belonging on the first day. I signed up for a trial and the rest was history! I joined Vitality by Kristin because two of my good friends workout here and I keep coming in to see my awesome workout buddies during the 6:30pm classes.

I think I’ve progressed a good bit when it comes to actual physical activity. I can remember not being able to do push-ups much less a burpee. Now the devil’s press is a favorite of mine and lifting heavy things makes you feel pretty badass. My journey has been bumpy trying to make working out a habit. One month I cheated myself and only came in 4 times the whole month. After that I made it my goal to workout 3 days a week now I’m at 4 days and a Saturday when I’m able. That for me has really been a huge accomplishment going from 0 to 60.

I can definitely say I hit the hydration goal! I’m constantly drinking water like a fish and it’s not stopping. One goal that I’m holding myself to is becoming more self and body positive. This has been a huge struggle for me all my life, and having such a positive environment has really helped me in working towards that goal.

When I describe Vitality to other people I tell them once they workout here they find a forever gym. We really are a great big support system that encourages each other everyday to be great and to come in and workout. Sometimes when I’m having a bad day I know I can come into the gym and literally get welcomed with open arms.


In Coach Kristin’s Words…

Crystal when I first met Crystal I could tell she was quiet natured but she quickly gravitated and came into her own within our group. Since day one, Crystal has dominated and thrived in our strength training. Week by week she has perfected her form and has overcome certain challenges like burpees and rowing. What I love so much about Crystal is her determination and “never quit” mentality. When you see her in class, you can see that she is there to put in the work. She is also such a great workout partner and is always giving great feedback to her peers. Crystal is at all of our events and is always wrangling in a few people with her. Crystal has a warm heart and an open ear to everyone in VBK. She’s a true motivator- keeping her classmates accountable by helping them with their deadlift or staying after class to do a core finisher. I am so grateful to have Crystal as a Vitality member and I am looking forward to her continued growth in our community!

Mary Jacobs