September Dedicated Member

Kristin Chandler

In her words…

I was in a rough place and was struggling with depression when I joined Vitality. I had hit a major plateau in my workout regimen and knew that a group class would hold me accountable.

I don't even recognize the person that I am today. My endurance and stamina has improved so much and I can't imagine having accomplished this on my own! My main goal was to tone up and lose some weight, which I have somewhat, but I'd love to actually have abs one day. think I'm most proud of the self-confidence I've developed and in general, how much more capable physically I am now.

Vitality is not just another gym, it's a family I found, a relationship that I'm so grateful to have and wish more than anything I found much sooner than I did!


In Coach Kristin’s Words

Kristin was brought to Vitality in November 2018 by one of her close friends and current VBK member. Kristin started with a couple of classes per week, easing into the PM crew, and developing friendships amongst her members. When I first met Kristin, she had an eagerness about her. She had been dealing with some shoulder and lower back injuries and was determined to learn how to perform movements correctly to ensure her longevity in exercises. I have seen Kristin's hesitance and worries turn into confidence and perseverance during this 10 month period. Not only has her performance in the gym getting stronger but her bonds with her former members have, as well. Kristin has organized weekly group dinners with her classmates that have created a ton of new friendships. I like to say that she is the matriarch of the 6:30p crew. I felt a special connection with Kristin from the moment I met her- dealing with the same time of losses and finding love and confidence within ourselves. I feel like we've both made a positive impact on each other's life that I will always cherish. I'm super grateful to have you as a member and as such a supportive friend. Love ya, K2!

Kristin Kavanaugh