Vitality Remote

Bring Vitality to wherever you are!

We are happy to announce the launch of our remote training program Vitality Remote!

Are you having trouble staying focused in your solo-workout seshes? Do you have just enough time in your day to squeeze in a workout but maybe not time to sit in a car to and from the gym? Maybe you are a jet-setter and have a hard time holding down a traditional gym membership because you’re always on the go? Vitality Remote may be the program you’ve been looking for! Vitality Remote is programmed for folks who can't make it to our mothership for trainer-led classes but would like to keep up their routine with Vitality's style of workouts on their own.

We are offering (2) versions of programming both include 4 weeks/4 workouts a week and an interactive app that can aid you as you complete your workouts. Read more about the two versions of remote training we have been working on and find out what might be the best for you!


1. Home Gym Kettlebell and Dumbbell

For folks who would like to workout in their home or small private gyms. Movements vary in this programing weighted/bodyweight. This program would require an upfront investment in your own weights (if you don't already have some!)

16W (1).jpg

2. Commercial Gym Strength Training

For folks who have access to a full gym. These programs are written to be done in any standard gym such as a planet fitness, anytime fitness or many corporate gym settings. These will mimic our traditional Vitality workouts.

If you have any additional questions about remote training or would like more information on how to sign up please shoot us an email! or

Mary Jacobs